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H1 Transfer (before entering to US)

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  • H1 Transfer (before entering to US)

    I have got my H1B approval notice (thru company A) and plan to go for the H1B stamping at the Consulate next week. My current firm (Company B) is offering me a transfer position in US. I now prefer to take up the offer from Company B. I have never entered into US before, so I dont have I94 or SSN etc.,

    I understand for a H1 transfer, I need to work in the Company A for 60 days, and need to have 2 Paystubs in order to apply for a H1 transfer to Company B.
    1) Is there any way I can transfer my H1 before I enter into US?
    2) Is there any way I can transfer my H1 after I enter into US, but before I get the 2 Paystubs or if I dont work for company A at all?
    3) Would you advice to apply for a fresh H1 or L1 through Company B before my H1 stamping (Company A)?
    4) Do you see any complication if my 2nd H1 (thru company B) is processed at UCIS, while I have not stamped my 1st H1B (company A)?

    Any other advice appreciated.