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    I had my Appointment in Embassy on Feb 5th. Though my time is given at 12:00, my interview happened at11:00. Seems time is required only while entering embassy. I was so scared initially but it went very cool with out any problems. My conversation went like this..

    VO: Good Morning
    Self: Good Morning

    VO: Whats your name?
    Self: YYYY ZZZ

    VO: Where are you going?
    Self: YYYY X for the client YYYY X.

    VO: What is your role?
    Self: YYYY X

    VO: What is your highest degree?
    Self: YYYY in YYYY X.

    VO: Great, your visa is approved.( Handed a doc of US rights)
    Self: Thank you.

    It went very cool and there is no issue as long as you are confident in what you are saying. Be bold guys and all the best.