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Husband's passport stuck during wife's dependent H4 visa interview

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  • Husband's passport stuck during wife's dependent H4 visa interview

    I went for my H4 visa interview at the US embassy of Delhi and faced a very strange situation. Actually my husband's passport has his visa stamped from the previous employer (still not expired) and he got a new I-797 when he switched his job about a year ago.

    During my interview, the VO asked me some basic questions after which he questioned repeatedly about my husband's switching of jobs. Then he categorically asked for my husband's original passport. Since my husband was waiting outside the embassy, I was carrying his original documents. I gave the passport to the VO and he gave me a 221 form stating "Re-interview - Please bring husband along".

    Both of us then went for the re-interview sometime on the same day and the VO again asked the same question to my husband (about switching jobs). Without even listening to him and asking for any additional documents (all of which we were carrying), he kept both of our passports, also took back the 221 form and said that they need time for some verification and will get back and we are done for the day.

    Our case status now shows "Administrative Processing". What we aren't able to understand in this case is that why the VO has kept my husband's passport without stating any reason for the same. Can someone help ? Has anyone faced a similar situation??