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H1 Visa Stamping Question

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  • H1 Visa Stamping Question

    Dear Folks,
    I have a question with regards to my visa situation.

    I am on H1B Visa valid till Oct 2013. This visa I got stamped (in New Delhi, Dec 2011) from a full-time employer (a big, reputed company)

    About 9 months back , I was laid-off from that full-time Job and I joined another company ( a small , IT staffing & Contracting company).
    Now I work as contractor in Employer-Vendor-Client model.

    I am planning to travel India next month .

    My two questions :-
    1) Do I need to get Visa Stamped again ?
    2) If not, what all documents should I carry with myself , to avoid issues at PoE.

    Please advise.
    Thanks a lot for your time and help.