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H1B Renewal. Admin Processing needed. Case reason 221G, 214B

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  • H1B Renewal. Admin Processing needed. Case reason 221G, 214B


    I had my H1B renewal interview at Hyd on 19th Feb. Same employer as in the first I-797. Expected no issues but was given a 221G and 214B reasons and a questionnaire in the email for holding my visa. I believe PhD and Chem Engineer were flag words from my application. Also, my I-140 Petition is just initiated and I had given this details in DS-160 as well.

    My concern is that when I check the visa application status it says 'refused - please see the instructions given at the interview'. And my passport status says 'Passport is still with post'. I haven't got any useful response from emails/phone calls regarding the 'refused' status on the application page. I don't know if I have to reapply. Has any one gone through similar trouble? Any suggestions? Is there a number at USCIS that I can talk to and get details? Should I not disturb the consulate and let things go through the course?