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Spelling correction in H1-B Approval Notice

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  • Spelling correction in H1-B Approval Notice


    My employer have applied H1-B during 2012 and got the H1-B approval notice.

    while applying for H1-B visa my passport had a spelling correction:
    * No space between First Name and Second Name (eg MichaelRaj) Actually that should be (Michael Raj)
    * An alphabet was missing in my name (eg Michel) Actually that should be (Michael) (here 'a' was missing).

    I have applied for H1 B and my petition got approved.

    Mean while i have applied for spelling correction in my passport and rite now my passport is having the valid name (Michael Raj). Done both the correction.

    But in my I-797 my name was misspelled line (MichelRaj) So when i checked with my employer they have adviced me to get a Spelling correction letter for the earlier name and mention that the name in my passport is the correct name. But all my educational document, employee record matches with the new passport name.

    So with that if i go for Visa interview will there be any issue. or do my employer need to file amendment/correct the spelling in USCIS and get a new I-797.

    Please let me know the details.

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    You should carry an affidavit saying both the names are one and the same person.

    Sample at https://www.immihelp.com/sample-one-...s-immigration/
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