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Problem in filing for an SSN - Discrepancy in DOB in homeland security database

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  • Problem in filing for an SSN - Discrepancy in DOB in homeland security database

    Hi All,
    I recently moved to the US and went to the Social Security Administration office to apply for an SSN. After checking my documents, the officer told me that the visa classification on my I-94 is incorrect and asked me to get it corrected from Dept of Homeland security before applying for an SSN.
    I visited the USCIS office(CBP deferred inspection site) and got my I-94 corrected and tried applying for an SSN again, however this time I was told that the date of birth in the database is not matching with the date of birth in my visa(my visa has 09/04/86 but the database has 04/09/86 - DDMM swap). I again went back to USCIS office and explained the situation to the officer and requested her to verify my details and correct them if necessary. However after checking, she said that all the details are accurate and no changes were needed(including DOB) .
    I again went back to apply for my SSN and was sent back stating the same reason and the officer asked me to try again after a couple of days in case any changes were made at USCIS.
    After a week I went back to the Social Security office and applied for an SSN (although the system DOB was still not matching with the DOB on my visa and SSN application form) .
    I now fear that my request for SSN might get rejected due to this reason as the details will not verify.
    Please advise what best can be done in such situation.