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DS156/DS157 Form Questions

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  • veena_swsh
    I think you have got your basics wrong. Your fiance cannot go on a H4. only spouse and children are allowed to go on H4.

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  • babbi
    started a topic DS156/DS157 Form Questions

    DS156/DS157 Form Questions

    My DS-156 Form
    24. At what address will you stay in the US..

    This I have to put my US address..

    But what should I mention for 25.

    25. Name and Telephone Numbers of Person in US. Who you will be Staying with or Visiting for Tourism or Business

    Question: Should I put Employer Name or my name (SELF) ?

    30. Have you ever been issued a US Visa ?
    When ?
    Where ?

    Since I have been applied twice and got extensions should I put the Latest visa Approval Year For When And Where

    The First visa on the Passport it says Cancelled without Prejurdice.

    Please can you let me know.

    34. Names and Relationships of Persons Travelling with you
    My fiance he will not be travelling with me as he will be comming after a month.
    Since we are going for H1 and H4 stamping together what should I mention ?

    My fiancee
    25) Name and Telephone Numbers of Person in US who you will be stating with or visiting
    Business Phone
    Home Phone
    Cell Phone

    Since we are going for stamping together and I will be in India at this time
    What name should I mention for Contact
    Question Have you made Specific Travel Arrangements ?
    He is comming after 2 months after the stamping hence what should be mentioned..