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VISA Help bringing girl friend over from philippines

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  • VISA Help bringing girl friend over from philippines

    Looking for some help in deciding and applying for a visa to bring my girlfriend over to the US. I don't think I can get a fiancee visa as my year long divorce is still going on. I thought of a tourist visa, work visa, or even student visa. I work for a small mortgage company and know my broker will assist me in this should I need any employer sponsorship. I could employ her in just about any job function here. I am also trying get a business license with her in the philippines to setup a small office there to outsource some of our work. Not sure if that would help her on a tourist or business visa by saying she will need to do some training and meetings here in the USA. She is currently going back to high school in the philippines at the age of 24 and in her last year and is expected to complete this March. So these are the variables, can someone help me figure out the best and quickest route to get her over here in the USA.