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Misunderstanding with my h1-b employer...pls help me to resolve my situation....

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  • Misunderstanding with my h1-b employer...pls help me to resolve my situation....

    Hi.My h1-b is approved from india.I m still working in india itself.I m planning to come to U.S in the month of september.Mean while i got some misunderstanding with my h1-b employer.So now i m getting doubt whether he helps me out even if i go to U.S.
    1.Now my doubt is whether my employer can cancel my visa without informing to me.
    2.How long it will take to cancel h1-b.
    3.Will i get any problem to enter U.S if i file H-1b from another petioner...
    4.After entering into U.S. if i want to shift from "Employer A" to
    "Employer B",could u please let me know the procedure...is it neccessary that
    "Employer A" should agree to transfer me to "Employer B".
    5.Even if i enter U.S.through "Employer A",can my employer ask me to leave U.S. without giving prior notice period...
    Pls kindly help me out to resolve my situation.......

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    If you have developed irreconcilable problems with Emp.A, there is every possibility of your H1b being cancelled by them. Infact even if they have not cancelled they might have expressed their intention to cancel and the same information might even be available to the Immigration Officers at the Port of Entry. So, it is advisable that you communicate with Emp.A and find out the status of your H1b before you go for stamping, if you still want to work for them.
    However, once you are through with the stamping and start working for Emp.A, then you can get H1b transferred if Emp.B has atleast filed for your H1b transfer. If you do not have that alternative, then if after you reach the US ,Emp A cancels your H1b, you will be out of status and in a mess.
    So, think well before you act!


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      Thanks For Ur Advice Veena...



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        I would definetely agree with Veena, i would do this
        1. try to patch/mollify with Comp A
        2. get visa enter the country
        3. then play my cards.

        the thing with H1 transfer is that you need some pay checks to present so that comp B or INS know that you are on status and things like that.
        u cant do that until u work or you will have to ask Comp B to file for a fresh H1 that by the way is gonna take some time.

        Take care,