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Can we file H1 & H4 at the same time?

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  • Can we file H1 & H4 at the same time?

    I’m trying to file for H-1b for my fiancée in this April’2013 quota and she is in India now.
    I have a couple of questions regarding this:
    • If she gets an approval she needs to start in October as per the rule, but my marriage is in June can I bring her on H-4 (dependent visa) before october?
    • Will there be any conflict when she goes for H-4 stamping in June as I already applied for H-1 and it is under process?
    • In case if she comes on H-4, can she change her status to H-1 this October if she gets an approval? Should she go back to India and get her H-1B stamping done?
    • In case if she needs to go back to India for H-1B stamping, if that rejects can she still come back on H-4?
    I greatly appreciate all your responses and help regarding this.
    As I do not have much time your timely response will be appreciated.

    Thank you all.