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H1B Visa under cap exempt approved - Interview

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  • H1B Visa under cap exempt approved - Interview


    I had a H1B Visa (filed by Employer A) approved in 2007 cap which I did not use at all and it got expired.
    Fortunately now Employer B has filed cap exempt and got the Petition approved with 3 years validity (2013 - 2016).

    My Visa interview is scheduled in the next 10 days and following are my questions?

    1) In the Visa Interview, can I face a question by Visa Officer about not using my previous H1B Visa
    2) If Yes, Can I say that it was because of recession / bad job market in US that I did not travel (or) what could be a valid answer?
    3) The current Employer B has given me an in house project. I do not have a client letter. I am worried if "in house project" causes problem for my Visa. I am in an impression that client letter has more weightage than an in house project. Please clarify.
    4) Can I go for the Visa Interview along with my Family (or) wait for 2-3 months and let them attend the Visa interview.
    5) My kids had their B1/B2 Visa stamping done just 2 weeks back. Does this influence, if we go for H1/H4 B Visa interview now?


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    1) yes, u can face
    2) yes u can tell that that at that time no requirement was there, so employer did not sent.
    3) yes u can go, but better u can stamped ur earlier...
    4) no influence

    Just tell me one thing how much time it takes to approve ur new petition against ur old expired petition ? (cap exempt)