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Work with H4 visa

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  • Work with H4 visa

    I'm currently working and living in London. I'm getting married to an Indian guy who is in the US, in January. He's got an H1-B visa, so I suppose I'll get an H4 visa after the wedding.
    Would it be possible for me to work from the US with an H4 visa? I'd still be working for the same company in London, but from the US. Is this legal?

    I'm very worried I won't be able to work with and H4 visa.

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    This info is just my personal perception of your situation - If you are on H4 in US you cannot work. till you get H1b sponsored by the company.

    you might want to check with your london based company if they are interested in sponsoring ur visa.

    but since you wont be physically working at the US site and you wont be paying any taxes and your pay check will be in pounds I guess you can work remotely. but this info is just my perception Hope some immigration lawyer can help you with legalities

    Hope this helps


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      Working with H4 Visa


      I am an Indian Chartered Accountant.
      My Husband and i have just shifted from London to New Jersey.
      I was working with a CA firm in London, but now i am afraid and worried that i have to sit at home as i can not work with H4 visa.
      Can anyone help me by providing some information on how i can work.

      waiting for reply


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        Thanks for your reply. I'm afraid the company I wor for doesn't have offices in the US. However, due to the nature of my work, it'd be possible for me to "telecommute", ie. work from home using my computer and the internet. The hours will be very odd, but I don't care if I can work.
        You're right in that my payment will be in pounds and will continue to be credited to my bank account in the UK.

        Thanks again


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          To Worried;

          H-4 does not allow you to work and unauthorized work can have serious
          consequeunces even if the work is internet based.
          It is advised you find an employer to sponsor you for an H-1 or H-2b
          rather than working illegally on an H-4.

          Read these excerpts from a famous law firm website;

          UNAUTHORIZED EMPLOYMENT; If one is in a status that does not allow employment or that only permits employment with a specific sponsoring employer,and this person is engaging in self-employment, such work is considered unauthorized. This remains the case even if the involvement is fairly passive, such as in some Internet-based businesses and certain multi-level marketing operations.

          Unauthorized work if discovered later at the time of adjustment
          of status to green card (I-485) can result in denial of such an application.


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            On H4 visa Can I work from home for Indian Company

            At present I am working for indian company, moving to US on H4 visa. Can I work at home for the same company from home? Is it legal