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Would like some clarity

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  • Would like some clarity

    i have a query.Would like some clarity on that.

    Got rejected thrice on F2 as potential immigrant in the consecutive months before 1 and a half years,now recently my husband got his h1 approval.Going for H4.Will i have any problem.It's been two years over after my marriage.Give me a helping hand.

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    You are legally allowed to join your husband on H4. And H1b is a dual intent visa in the sense that you do not have to prove non-immigrant intent.If you go with proper documentation and face the interview confidently you can be sure of getting the visa.


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      thanks veena,

      my doubt is that will my three rejections creat a problem on h4 now,and mroeover my husband is planning to join me for the interview.we would like to finalise it provided he'll not have any problem becasue of my rejections in chennai.I know this chennai embessy people are very strict.What r my chances,moreover my husband's chances.he shouldn't have any problem.Please any one who faced such a situation can also help us.Veena do u know anybody with the similar case and got when they went together for the visa.i am very worried.

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        Hi veena,

        i am expecting your reply.


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          Hi Ramya,
          Any H1B visa will be approved if the employer is good and law-abiding, there is assurance that the H1B beneficiary will be provided with work as long as he is employed, and the candidate meets the qualifications/experience for the post he has been offered, and he is going to paid in accordance with the law. The beneficiary should also be able to ensure that he satisfies the consular officer with respect to all of the above. And any H4 will be approved if the marriage is genuine and the H1B beneficiary has the resources to support these dependants.
          So just go with documentation to prove all of the above and the visa is all yours! The questions on F2 rejections will have to be handled effectively by you and your husband.
          (NOT LEGAL ADVICE)


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            query on my passport

            I have got an appointment for my H4 visa and my husband's H1b visa in december.Now i have lost my passport.
            I have made the police complaint and done the required thing.I am applying for my passport again.I enquired with tts and also with embessy and got a confirmation that i can still use the same appointment for my visa provided i have evidences for my passport lose as my old passport number is mentioned in the appointment.Now my query is this

            1) My old passport was with my father's name as surname and his address - now when i apply for the passport can i have my husband's name and my in - laws address in my passport.

            Because in my visa appointment i have given my name as it was in my old passport with my dad's name as surname.If i change my name now with my husbands name will i be able to enter the consulate and can i still use the same appointment.I don't want any problem with my appointments for visa.
            I heard that my old passport number wil also be mentioned in my new passport.Is that true?

            Please help me with the query.

            I AM REALLY IN NEED OF HELP.Please reply me so that i can start the process without any delay.

            Expecting your reply.