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Visa stamping question

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  • Visa stamping question

    Hi all,

    I have some questions regarding my visa stamping. I would appreciate if someone can answer my questions.

    I got my H1B visa on Nov 2011 and I started working from Nov 2011 itself. Then on July 2012 I had to join a different company and so I transferred my H1B to my new company and now my I-797 is valid till 2015. The current stamping that I have on my Visa is for the first company that I joined on Nov 2011 and the Visa is valid till Sept 2014. I am planning to visit India in Nov 2013 and will be back in Dec 2013.

    These are my questions:
    1. Do I have to get a stamping on my Visa for the new company when I go India in Nov 2013 ? What will happen if I don't get it stamped ?
    2. I will be back in US by Dec 2013. If I don't get my visa stamped, can i stay in US even after my Visa gets expired on Sept 2014 ?
    3. My current Visa is valid till Sept 2014 and if I want to get it stamped during my visit to India in Nov 2013, is it possible ?