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H1B transfer - travel to India

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  • H1B transfer - travel to India

    Dear Friends,
    Here is my current position:

    I am working for an employer in the US on an H1B visa. My visa was in his name till now.
    I have got job with a different employer & have transferred my visa to him. My transfer application has been approved & the approval has been mailed to me by USCIS on 08/16/05. I am joining the new employer on 09/26/05 in the US.

    Since my transfer is complete, I intend to travel to India before joining. My visa stamping is on the name of my previous employer. My old visa stamping has an expiry date of 01/01/2006. However, the new expiry date on my new approval is 06/30/2008. Should I get my visa stamped when I go to India? If yes, I would be grateful if someone could give me some details on how to proceed...

    Thanks in advance !

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    All the consulates will suggest that you get your passport stamped with the new co. H1b. You will have to take an appointment during the period you are in India at the consulate within whose jurisdiction you fall under. The procedure for the consular processing is much the same as a new H1 except that you will have to produce pay stubs, W2s, and the experince letter of the US timeline.
    Also for the consulate at Chennai and Delhi, there is an emergency appointment for people like you to get back to work on time so that the long waiting period does not affect you. The process of making this appointment is the same as the normal one except that you will have to answer some extra questions in the end of the process.
    All the best.


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      Hi Veena
      Thank You very much for your elaborate reply !