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Urgent help needed Plz help

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  • Urgent help needed Plz help

    I have applied for H1 from UK.Iam doing masters in UK. I went to interview on 16AUG.They said we are redirecting u to india.
    Now my doubt is wat do they stamp on passport if we are redirected.They gave me 221(g).Wat they wrote on it is "Your unable to show u have enough skills to perform job".
    Can i get stamped easily if i go india,with this statement.Plz hele me out.

    Iam in confusion whether to continue masters or not.Plz help me.

    Thanks in advance..

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    hi vasu! i'm also in uk..and trying to apply for h1..if u let me know ur university (UK) name and also few of the questions they asked u, then i will gather as much info as i can and reply to u asap......also did they return ur passport? give me more info....good luck...dont worry....have faith in GOD...b#


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      hi !!! also if u can let me know ur MSc course ...that would be great


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        Iam doing masters in IT.They said you haven't completed ur masters and ur previous work experience was in india,and we can't verify the authenticity of degree certificates and computer course certificates from india.

        They said by word we are redirecting to india.

        Plz some one help me,i just wan to know whether if i go india do i get stamped easily.


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          which university or college? as far as i know, there shud b no problem in india with a UK degree....i'll try to find more info...


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            Hi Vasu,
            This is an anticipated rejection. Usually, the educational credentials/work experience from India cannot be verified from consulates abroad. Your completing masters will only make your case strong. You should therefore complete your masters and apply for H1b from the Home consulate. This refusal is only a 221(g) refusal and can be easily overcome by valid explanation during your next interview.
            All the Best.
            (NOT LEGAL ADVICE)


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              Thanks alot veena for reply.

              I will be completing my masters by feb06.And iam planning to attend the interview in september and i have blocked a slot at delhi consulate.And if i tell them that iam gonna complete my masters by next feb,do they trust me.