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H1b Extensions- Jul 2013

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  • H1b Extensions- Jul 2013

    I am hearing lot of information about the H1b Extension these days(I am one among them, so I might be hearing about that).
    I am on RFE status for my VISA extension, happened to hold until last day to respond-this is what i heard from my Attorney.
    VISA extensions are getting denied for the following reasons in this month are listed below
    1. Multiple Layers to the Client - Employer needs to be the Direct vendor, unless there are more possibilities on rejections
    2. As of I am hearing denials are more on 140 cases

    These are all upto my knowledge and I what I heard of

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    H1b Extensions- Jul 2013

    Indian most admirable company is not eligible to process any new LCA or H1B externsions after July 1st revised wage limits. Are you working for that? Then pack up or look for some other company because this admirable company will take next couple years to adjust the salary above the wage limit. Thanks