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Need urgent info on H4 stamping

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  • Need urgent info on H4 stamping

    My wife is going to India in the next month and planning to come back by end of October.
    She needs to go for stamping while in India as her current visa was expired.

    But current h4 approval is valid only upto Feb-2014 only, so I am planning to apply for h1 extension in the first week of September-2013 (i can only apply for extension 6 months before the expiry date) with the premium processing and once I get the approval I am planning to send my wife for stamping in the first week of October-2013 so that I am thinking that she can get visa upto new renewal date.

    However I am not sure about the above process, my colleague was telling me that if she get visa on your new renewal copy she will not be eligible to enter into states before march-2014, is that true ?

    Appreciate your help.


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    She can show both the current petition as well as the new petition (but mention the new petition in the form).
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      h4 visa for my dependents

      I am having h1 visa valid till nov 2013.

      Shall I initiate h4visa for my dependents now or is there any rule like I should have valid visa of at least 6 months.

      Can anyone please help me with your answers