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Visa Approved with Pending 221g -Administrative Processing??

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  • Visa Approved with Pending 221g -Administrative Processing??

    Hello Everyone..

    My wife & I appeared for h1b stamping in April @ Toronto post and were put into the 221g Admin processing for Background/ Name check. I am currently a FTE employee and this is my third renewal for h1b . Second with the same employer. All my prior visa stamping were in Canada as well.

    I was asked the same generic question during interview and was given the 221g form . I have never been issued a 221g prior to this. During the 5 months there absolutely was no inquiry or anything done with my employer. This week my wife received a clearance email and was asked to submit her passport. When we submitted our passport we were made to go inside to speak with the consular directly as the lady at the entrance who collects the documents seemed confused with her system showing clearance only for my wife and still pending for me.

    Once Inside the only question the consular asked was who the primary applicant was..I confirmed it was me and my wife was the h4 dependent..She glanced over the clearance email printout and slid a "Has your visa been approved? " loomis pamphlet and told us to expect our passport within 3-5 days. She asked me to follow the instructions on the pamphlet for collecting the passports.

    All along we have been tracking our application status on the CEAC website and it shows only an updated date for my wife's confirmation with mine reflecting the same Interview date.

    At this point I am absolutely confused about what all this means and would appreciate any constructive input from someone who might have been in a similar situation


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    Did loomis call you or your wife to collect the passport yet? I have been waiting since January 2013 and everytime I email to the consulate they say they cant do anything till they get the necessary response from the US government