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H1b Pay salary with benefits and salary without benefits

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  • H1b Pay salary with benefits and salary without benefits

    Hi Friends,

    My company has sponsoring h1b visa for me. Its approved. Now the time for salary negotiations. I'm new to these policies. My job placement will be Phoenix ( Arizona ). What are the things i need to ask my company while salary negotiations? What is difference between salary with benefits and salary without benefits? What will be the minimum pay for Db2 Database administrator? And also what are the benefits we need to check with company? like ( medical Insurance, Vacation benefits & Leaves etc ).

    Thanks in Advance
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    H1b Pay salary with benefits and salary without benefits

    It's depend on the working contractual agreement with your employer. Is that a consulting company? If yes, Are you going to work in salary basis or percentage basis? Now then you have got your approval, Do more research about the consulting company and try to speak to someone who is working or have worked there before to get a feel of that company.

    If it is not a consulting company, then whatever applies to all other employees, would apply for you.

    This is my opinion.


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      Thanks for the reply.My Company is US based company it has vast employees in it. For me visa approved and waiting for the stamping. But till now we did not discuss for the salary. If negotiations happen what are the things i need to check with them? I dont have other friends who are already existed in US office. If you could reply for the earliest Its really appreciate.

      Thanks in Advance!


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        If the petition has been approved, they must have filed the LCA. Your salary will be at least the LCA.

        Apart from that you will want to ask about the pay itself and then the benefits such as health insurance, retirement saving plans, pension plans, vacation time, life insurance, disability insurance. Some of these will be taken out of your pay and some will be on top of the base salary. Also, ask about performance appraisals and bonus payments.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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          h1b pay

          Check out salarytalk.org/search which shows h1b salary paid by employers across USA