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L1- to H1 from Oct '2005 -VSC

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  • L1- to H1 from Oct '2005 -VSC

    Hi guys,

    I am i US on L1-B since April'2005 and my new Employer filed my H1-B with effective date of 1-Oct'2005 but as per seeing the processing of Vermont Service center I really doubt if I will get the approval till October 1.

    My question is If suppose I get the approval in Nov 2005 or end of October 2005, then how much time will i get to shift to the new company. Because I want to resign and give some notice period to my present employer.

    After reading various forums what i could see is if the date written on petition is Oct 1 then automatically you are converted from L1-B to H1-B on 1st of October itself and you cannot stay with you previous emplyer for even a day. Then how come in this case i will be able to serve the notice period to my present employer.

    Also if anybody can make any guess as till what date i should expect my visa approval from Vermont Service Center(VSC). my petition was filed on 7 July 2005.

    Any view appreciated.