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Visting canada and H1B stamping

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  • Visting canada and H1B stamping

    Hi All,

    My brother is travelling to Canada from his company from India and i would like to see him when
    he is in Canada. I have some questions regarding my travel to Canada.

    My H1B visa from first employer was stamped in India and stamping is valid till April 2006.
    This is my second year on H1B visa.

    I quit my first employer and joined another employer in US. I have approved H1B papers but
    no visa stamping of second employer in my passport.All the documents from second employer
    are with me including pay-stubs

    After that i quit the second and joined third employer and has my approved H1B papers from
    the third employer.

    Also, I have approved permanent residency for Canada and my passport is having stamping for
    the same from Canadian consulate.But by Permanet Residency in Canadian is not active at this time.
    Stamping is not going to be effective unless i go to Canadian Consulate in Canada and follow
    the process and make it active. I also have an expired visitors visa to Canada.

    I want to visit Canada in Nov 2005 before my H1B visa stamping expiration from first employer.

    I have following questions:

    Do i need to get my H1B visa stamped for third or/and second employer before travelling to
    Canada and re-entering back to US.

    If no, Can i try getting my H1B visa stamped for employer three or if required employer 2
    when i am already in Canada.

    In that case please let me know all the documents required to get my H1B visa stamped from

    And whether i should try getting H1B stamped from Toronto, Ottawa or any other counsulate.
    Any preference of US consulate in Canada.

    Expectation from the visit:
    Travel to Canada in a new visitors visa and not do anything with my permanent
    residency application for Canada and try to get H1B visa stamped when i am already in Canada.

    But if H1B stamping is not possible then i would like to come back to US successfully.

    I would really appreciate if any one can let me know the answers for the same.