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H4 to H1B Transfer

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  • H4 to H1B Transfer

    I am working on H1B Visa and my wife joined me in US on H4 VISA last year 2012. In April 2013 I have filed H1B VISA for her through consultant and she received the EAC which is not approved yet but due to sudden Emergency in My family we both had to travel back to India in April-2013. Now I came back to US 1.5 month back but due to some family issue at home my wife is still in India and planning to come to US in month or 2. My question are
    1) In case if her Petition gets approved before she come to US i.e. by Oct-2013 still whether she can travel on her already stamped H4 Visa and then work in US on approved H1B Petition?
    2) Whether her H4 Visa gets invalid after approval of H1B petition? Whether she will face any issue at POE on H4 Visa when she has already have approved H1B Petition?
    3) Is it possible to come to US on H4 VISA and then file Change of status here again to H1B?

    Thanks for help in advane.