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  • H4 to H1 RFE

    I applied from H4 to H1(with COS) and received RFE for client letter. My husband’s H1 and my H4 expires by October 10. My Husband’s PERM approval is pending (PD May 24 2013). I am planning to leave to India by Sep 29 and return on H4 after Husband’s PERM and I-140 gets approved. My employer is planning to answer for the RFE (has response time till Nov 4th) with a future project starting from January 15.
    1. If my husband’s PERM is approved by December, and if my H1 is approved, can I enter US in H4 and apply COS to H1 and start working.
    2. If my H1 is approved from Oct 1st (instead of jan15th) will it be a problem to get my H4 visa stamped before jan 15th.
    3. Will I abandon my H1 COS. Will it be a problem when I apply for H1 next year?

    If you have had similar experience or have knowledge about this please share your opinion friends.