I got a DUI in June 2012. I got my H1B approval in Apr2013 and it started this Oct 2013. I will be going to India in March or Apr 2014 and attend the H1B visa process. Now, in my DUI court case situation, my lawyer says a) i need to enter plead guilty or appeal. If dont plead guilty and i appeal it will another 6 months for the case to get back to the court because of all the processes, paperwork and everything. b) I also have an option to plead guilty and still have the appeal continuing, so after six months if things workout they can remove the conviction. if i go with option a) when i go for H1B stamping in India, my case will be completed and i have to go through certain process for a DUI thing(221g) for Visa if i go with option b) , my case will be in pending state.what is advisable? a?? or b??

Also, please let me know what are these tests, can we take these evaluations in US in someway ?? that they ask you take when you go for stamping