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DS-160 and passport about to expire

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  • DS-160 and passport about to expire


    I am in a tricky situation. Planning to go to India with my family during coming Nov. last week. My son's passport is expiring on Nov.11th and we have applied for this renewal (in US). When filling DS-160 form for him, I could only fill his current passport number, but we will be going for the interview for visa appointment in November last week. We will get his new passport only during first or second week of November. If I delay filling the DS-160 till 2nd week of November, I am not sure if I will get appointment for last week of November.

    It seems once the profile is update and appointment schedule is made, I cannot change any information on DS-160 and profile.

    1) If I sign and submit his DS-160 today with his old (current) passport, and carry both his old and new passport for the interview, will that work?
    2) Should I wait till his new passport comes to submit DS-160? If so, what are the chances of getting appointment in last week of November?
    3) Can I fill another DS-160 form later once we get his new passport? In that case, how to say I have two ids for the same person?

    Please let me know if you have some suggestions to address this issue.

    Thanks in Advance