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Coming Back to Work in US

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  • Coming Back to Work in US

    Great work you guys are doing for the community. Really appreciate it!

    A little background about myself. I have an MS degree from a reputable US university in computer science and I also worked for about 1 year in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, due to family issues, I had to go back home. It has been 2 years since I left US and I am planning to go back again. What would be the best way of going back?

    I have contacted some recruiters and they suggested that my profile is strong but the companies they are dealing with need urgent placements and not willing to wait for so long for H1B to get processed. I have heard that even if I apply right away and got approved by the company, I will NOT be able to work before Oct 2014, is that true? Are companies willing to wait for so long?

    The other option I was thinking about is to go back to school to take another MS or PhD in the field and then utilize CPT or OPT to work for a company and file for H1B visa afterwards, do you guys think that would be a good option?

    I hope my current situation is understandable and I am seeking your help for the best option to come back.