Hi All,

I work for an IT company in Pune, India and my H1 petition has been approved. In order to schedule the stamping interview, I filled DS-160 form, generated NEFT payment unique account number and submitted it to my company traveldesk. They did visa fees payment using NEFT and are saying that the payment was successful.

However, I did not get any email on MRV Receipt Activation notification and so we are unable to schedule the appointment. So I have few questions as below ::

1. How long it may take to receive an email? It's been 4-5 working days I did not get any email.
2. The payment confirmation page was saying 4th Novemeber as last day for payment. I am not sure if my travel desk has done the payment before that. Does this matter any way? If yes, what we need to do now? What is validity of NEFT confirmation page (the page which generates unique account number) in general?
3. Is there any other way we can get MRV Receipt number?

Please let me know if anyone has any idea / experiences on these points.