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Changing US visa stamping from Indian passport to Finnish passport

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  • Changing US visa stamping from Indian passport to Finnish passport

    I am in US now in H4 visa. I have been granted citizenship from Finland recently. I need to collect the Finnish passport from the Finnish Embassy in Los Angeles and surrender my Indian passport. I am wondering about how to transfer my H4 stamping from my Indian passport to my Finnish passport. I am pregnant now and bit hesitant to travel long distances.

    So am wondering if there is an option to
    1. Get Finnish passport now, not travel with Indian or Finnish passport, Travel out of USA to change the stamping to my Finnish passport next year May or June (or even before)(The baby is due feb end) and then surrender my Indian passport. In that case, which passport should I travel with to go out of the country?

    2. Get Finnish passport now, cancel my Indian passport, without changing my h4 stamping. Next year travel out of the country with both cancelled Indian and Finnish passports, change the stamping from the old Indian to Finnish passport. This is under the assumption that while canceling the passport, they give me the passport back with the seal cancelled. So it would be like having a stamping in the old expired passport and having a new renewed passport.

    Please advise me as how I can proceed in this situation. The main problem for me now is am not so confident to travel much with 26 weeks pregnancy.

    Thanks in advance.