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11/18/13 H1B 3rd time renewal and got 221G yellow/green slips

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  • 11/18/13 H1B 3rd time renewal and got 221G yellow/green slips

    I came with a friend and he got a 221g:

    Appointment date: 11/18/13 1 pm
    VO was a white lady. My friend and I have come to Canada from the USA previously to get H1B stamped in Ottawa 2010. I came back to Toronto in 2011 to get my H1B stamped again which was successful both times.

    But this time I got approved and VO said my passport will be mailed in 3-5 days.

    The conversation went something like this
    VO: What company do you work for?
    my friend: XXX company
    VO: What do you do?
    My friend: Electrical engineer....blah blah blah
    >> Started typing the verbal information spoken by my friend.
    VO: Can you provide your resume?
    My friend: Provided the hard copy of the resume.
    VO starts typing a lot on the screen.
    VO: Please provide a .doc format of this resume and send it to XXX email address.
    My friend: Do you need any other documents?
    VO: No just the resume in doc format.
    My friend: How long will this verification take
    VO: Few weeks
    My friend: Can I go travel back to the US and wait there since I just drove in this morning from Michigan.
    VO: No we need to perform this verification before you are allowed to return. You can travel to any other country that you have a visa.
    VO: I recommend you for the visa but this verification needs to be cleared first. Handed a 221g green and yellow with handwritten submit resume in doc format to this email.

    In short seems like some keywords that she detected in the resume are a part of the TAL list such as "signals and systems" a course he took in school etc....

    He emailed the resume and received a personalized email (not automatic) the next day saying that they have received the documents and will begin processing.

    Anyone know how much time something like this takes? He has travel plans with confirmed tickets to fly out of the US in a very short time.