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Urgent--Is marriage invitation card madatory requirement for H4?

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  • Urgent--Is marriage invitation card madatory requirement for H4?

    Is marriage invitation card a mandatory requirement for H4 visa?

    What should somebody answer if she has lost the marriage certificate? Can visa be rejected because of not having marriage certificate?

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    Urgent - Somebody please help

    Your urgent help is required. I don't want to be another H4 victim.


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      Visa is not rejected for not having the Marriage Invitation and Marriage certificate, but VO will keep the case pending till you get the marriage certificate.you can actually get the marriage certificate at your local govt offices. what you need to get the certificate are a few witnesses who have attended your marriage( and this because you don't have wedding invitation card, so having witness statement will help to get the marraiage cartificate)

      If you don't have Invitation card from your side then you can also submit the invitation card from wife's side.

      My wife didn't took the full album of wedding and VO has told to bring the full album and they also want a proof that her name should appear on my company letter.

      I hope this helps.



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        More help required.

        Hi Sachin,

        Thanks a lot for help.

        I do have marriage certificate but don't have invitation card(From any side)?\

        Will this matter during interview?

        Has anybody faced this situation before of having Marriage certificate but not having card?

        Urgent help is appreciated..


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          Don't worry

          Invitation card is not mandatory. But is a good document to carry while going for an H4.

          Checklist for H4

          Marriage certificate with both names clearly listed. before and after marriage. Also your number should be clearly printed. - very important document.
          I-797 Approval. - Original
          Small album with 20 photographs clearly showing her and you. Also a pic with formal clothes is a good idea.
          Her birth certificate if available.
          At least 2-3 paystubs copies.(your's)
          Letter from your employer requesting granting of H4 visa to your wife so that she can accompany you on your journey.

          tell her to be confident and tell him that she does not have the invitation at that time and she can get it faxed if that is really needed. You can then arrange for the invitation to come to you.

          Hope this helps.


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            Why don't you print/order a new invitation card with your marriage details on it on a backdate?



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              Marriage card is not mandatory. In my case, they never asked for one. But its better to have it handy.
              If you don't have one, get it printed. It won't cost you much but certainly you wil repent a lot if that becomes a cause for H4 rejection.