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    I heard that its possible to get Indian passport for US born kids. We are glad. But my concern is, in case we need to come to US for project then is there a way for coming without getting the US passport.

    I know US born kids cannot get h4 dependent visas to enter so is there any alternative to this?

    When should we get the Indian passport for the newborn?
    What happens from the time the baby is born to the time we take the Indian passport, like will it be considered legal for the baby to stay here.
    Once we get the Indian passport, then what happens as we cannot get a visa for the baby and no US passport? So still will that be legal stay?

    I also want to know about the other way around.
    Is it a hassle to live in India with US passport? Will education be costly for US passport holders?

    Many Thanks,

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    The baby is a US citizen until it can decide whether or not to keep it when it's old enough. But, Indian parents often get children Indian passports immediately after they're born, and don't get them US passports. To return to the US, though, a US passport MUST be used. There's no way around it, and this is where this scheme hits a snag.

    A US citizen is always legally in the US. He/she does not need a passport. A passport is only needed for travel. The citizen is legally in the country by right. Nothing else.

    Yes, school/university fees will be higher in India for the baby. But, if you get it an Indian passport and go to India, you can try your best to let the child lead a double life. Once in India, get it a PAN card, and that'll essentially be its ID card to prove Indian citizenship, etc. That's the way it is. Unfortunately, you should have thought about this before having the child in the US. Still, I'm sure the child will benefit from having US citizenship in future.


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      Thank you so much. I was wondering if there is a time limit from baby's birth within which the passport application should be made?


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        An Indian passport? As soon as possible. A US passport, though technically necessary to leave and enter the US, is not necessary in this case, until the child needs to return to the US. You should know that, once you get your child a US passport, essentially he/she will cease to be an Indian citizen. So, pretending to remain an Indian citizen by living life using just the PAN card would be illegal (but doable with extreme vigilance), hence I do not recommend it.


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          is it possible to stay in usa after getting an indian passport for the baby


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            Your child is ALWAYS legal in the US because it is a US CITIZEN! It does NOT need a passport. The birth certificate is proof of citizenship.


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              Has anyone taken an Indian passport for the US born kid

              Have anyone taken an Indian passport for the US born kid? How do you manage? In case, you have to go to other country for some business or personal trip, then how do you handle the situation? Because the child cannot re-enter US on Indian passport.



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                It's impossible to take the child out of the country and re-enter without a US passport. So, you see, it's all a futile attempt at clinging to Indian citizenship.


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                  should both the parents be indians

                  Hi all,

                  I wanted to know if both the parents should be Indian passport holders to get Indian passport for the US born kid. We have one Indian passport but my spouse is OCI card holder.



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                    PIO or TOURIST visa for new born baby

                    Hi there

                    My husband and me got valid passport and visa to stay in US.in feb I am going to india with my new born baby.we applied tourist visa for him.and we are going to stay mostly 2 to 3 months only..tourist visa is under processing for my baby.. still we need to apply for pio card?
                    I am in confusion.
                    Pls help me..


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                      As far as I know its fine to travel with your tourist visa is granted. Then you can come back and apply for pio card for future travel purposes.

                      This is just what I know.