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H1 B stamped ..Employer termiated job offer

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  • H1 B stamped ..Employer termiated job offer

    I have been in US for 3 years and got new H1 filed from XYZ company.

    I got visa on sept 1o days back and now i am currently in india.

    I made travel arrangements for oct 5th. Two days back i got a leteter from employer stating that he dont need me for the job and not use the H1 stamped visa to travel to US and sent a copy of the same to USCIS.

    my questions are :

    1. Can i travel to US with this visa and transfer to new compaqny.

    2. will there be any problem at the Port of entry ?

    3. Is it illegal to travel to US if employer cancels the job offer.

    Please do help me in above queries.. thanks in advance

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    Hi Venu,
    It is possible that the employer could have intimated the INS about his intention to cancel the H1B petition which might have been informed to the immigration officers at the port of entry. It is a risky proposition!