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Change name and address in passport

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  • Change name and address in passport

    Hi All,
    I am currently on H1b visa and just 1 week back my wife came to US based on H4 visa. Her passport has her maiden name and home address of her father.
    We want to change her maiden name to my name and change address to my home address of india.

    By reading at BLS (and IMMIHELP), I am little confused and I am hoping that someone can help me understand this process.

    1) In affidavit to change maiden name, we need to stick joint 2x2 photo. (same is mentioned in IMMIHELP) Does it mean that they need our photo as couple in 2x2, will it not be too small ?

    2) I can't find any information about what documents are required to change address ? (none mentioned in IMMIHELP as well)

    3) Do I have to send address proof of my wife as well or sending mine will do ? Right now she doesn't have anything in her name because we wanted to change her name before we get anything on her name. Or should I just open up a bank account and then change her name ?

    And just to know, I am going to apply at New York.

    Any help is appreciated.