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Can we change employer immediately after entering US on H1b?

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  • Can we change employer immediately after entering US on H1b?

    I have a H1b petition approved by a company in US. I have also got
    my stamping done at the US embassy.

    I am in India right now . My US company is looking for projects
    in US to send me to. However I have got a offer from another US

    I want to know whether I can change my employer immediately after
    entering us or I have to work few months(2 months etc) in my
    initial sponsering company, get their payslips etc before I
    can change to new employer.

    I heard that we need to provide recent US payslips to file for the
    change of employer (labor) petition inside US. Howeveer in this case
    if I try to change employer immediately after entyering US I wont be
    having these payslips.

    Therefore is it possible to change employer immediately after
    entering US on H1b.

    Please let me know.Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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    Same situation. Could anybody please help on this?



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      h1bproject and amit_akk

      for changing one company to another you need paystubs etc.. so sitting in india you cannot transfer your H1b. Secondly did the second company file your H1b fresh or will they file as a transfer. if it is fresh then you can get the new one stamped and come to USA. But if they want to transfer as that would be the case looking at the H1b situation. so in that case lets say you get transfered and so on but when you would go for stamping with the new company they would ask you why you quit so soon and paystubs etc. You are on H1b now so legally you should be paid until unless you can prove that you were on a sick leave and so on. so make your decisions with caution as these decisions may come back and haunt you later.


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        check with your new employer I heard that if you transfer H1B with in couple of weeks after landing in US then you don't need pay stub/s, but I am not sure.