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H1 Stamping, asking for Client Letter

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  • H1 Stamping, asking for Client Letter

    2003 I went to US on L1 visa, and processed new H1-B visa after worked one month with L1 sponsor, that one month I got only Indian salary. I joined with my curr. Employer on Nov. 1st, 2003. W2 on 2003 shows only $2500.00. Last month when I first went for H1 stamping, they asked me to bring letter “why there is only $2500 on 2003 W2” and letter from current letter.

    Second time went with one letter saying the reason for 2003 W2 query, letter from my vendor (middle man working b/w my employer and client) and some other set of proof my employer. That time, they asked me bring reliving letter from my previous employer and US pay slips and W2 from that employer because I traveled to US on L1, so I suppose to get Pay slip and W2 from them.

    Third time I went with reliving letter from that employer, one letter saying I was resigned when I was in US and working for that company and last six pay check from that employer. That try also got failed, they where insisting me bring letter from end client.

    End client is not ready to issue any letter for contract workers. Now they canceled my project. But, I got new project from one 1.5 M Company working in Medical transcription area.

    Will there be any issue when I visit consulate with a new client? I don’t any has this kind bad exp. In Chennai Consulate. Do you think, there might any hidden reason for all these happening??

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    There is no hidden reason. The Visa officers just want ot ensure that you have been receiving pay in accordance with the LCA. As far as the new client goes, if he is going to provide a letter about the details/duration of the project and how you will fit into the role will help. It is better to go with entire documents at one go if you have such a history rather than showing the documents piece meal. This time you should go with payslips and W2s for the entire period you have been in the US. It should be good if your present employer writes a letter to the consulate requesting for your visa mentioning in detail about all the middlemen, clients, etc.