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H4 Visa! Suggestions Please

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  • H4 Visa! Suggestions Please

    I got married on Aug 27th 2005 and my wife is going to attend for H4 visa on Nov 7th

    I have few issues with the required documents......

    I started working for XYZ company in March 2004. My W2 from 2004 has an ammount less than that in LCA because I only worked for nine month. Would this cause any problem. Should I write a letter to consulate explaining this ?

    I don't have a paycheck for the month of Aug 2005 since I was in India for my marriage. How can I explain this ?

    There was a problem in processing my hours for June 2005 and I have less ammount on my paycheck. I got a letter from my company explaining this. Will that be sufficient ? will it cause any problem ?

    Any inputs on these is appricaited and thanks for the help in advance.

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    Firstly, brief your wife on the facts of the case. She is the one who , etchas to explain the "low wages". Tell her about the W2s, paystubs, 1040, fault in processing hours, etc. Supplement it with a letter from yourself and the employer.