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Does Employer-Vendor-Client model impacts H1B transfer?

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  • Does Employer-Vendor-Client model impacts H1B transfer?

    I have recently joined in consulting firm. Earlier I was worked to Outsourcing firm. In my earlier organization I used to work direct client of my organization(Employer-Client model). Now there is another organization in between client and my employer. And we used to call them as "Client vendor". Basically it Employer-Vendor-Client model.

    While joining my employer applied H1B transfer and we receive RFE notice. We haven't received the notice. But it shows RFE in USCIS website. With my earlier organization it didn't happen RFE. We got approval without RFE.

    Now my specific questions are

    (1) Does Employer-Vendor-Client model is legally acceptable in USA?
    (2) My employer has some clients whose clients are again client vendors. The model then becomes Employer-Vendor-Vendor-Client. If EVC is acceptable, How many maximum vendors are allowed in the chain?
    (3) Does the number of vendors(0 or more) impacts H1B approval decision?

    Thanks and Regards,
    BV Ramesh Babu

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    Does Employer-Vendor-Client model impacts H1B transfer?

    Not at all. If you can justify with all the required documents, I don't see any issues with your approval.

    This is my opinion.