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F1 to H1 visa and travel to home country

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  • F1 to H1 visa and travel to home country

    Dear members,

    I'm an intnl. graduate student in the United States. I have doubts regarding travelling to my home country in summer 2014.
    Below are the highlights of my case.

    1. I have a valid Indian bachelors, will be graduating with Master's degree from USC in May 2014.
    2. Applied to OPT, submitted my documents to USCIS for EAD card, waiting to receive my EAD card.
    3. I have a valid F 1 visa expiring in 2017.
    4. Secured a job in one of the Fortune 50 list of companies. they want me to start in July 2014. So I have an offer letter too.
    5. My employer is also applying for H1 visa this April 2014 in the premium processing slot.

    Now my issue is that, I have to visit my home country in June and July for personal reasons.
    Can I visit my home country, will I be facing any problems at the port of entry on the grounds of "immigration intent" while I would still be F 1 visa while reentering. (H1 status will be known in mid April 2014)
    It would be great if you could provide me a proper legal answer regarding this issue.

    Looking forward for a reply.
    Thank you.