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  • COS from F1 to H4


    I have a question for COS from F1 to H4 for my wife.

    I am F1/OPT status now, my company filed H1B/H4 for me and my wife this April.

    But My wife currently has F1 and will graduate at the end of this June. Right after graduation, she will plan to transfer to another school for further study.

    My concern is if our H1B/H4 is approved before her transfer(say June 30th). Will the current school immediately cancel her F-1 status? If so, she cannot transfer to another school as F1 student.

    I know H4 is allowed to study, but our H1B/H4 will not be effective until 1st Oct. so for her, there will be a gap between June 30th and Octocber 1st, in order to wait for H4 being effective.

    I really donot know what and how to make her valid status within USA during this tricky period.

    Thanks very much