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I-797E, Notice of Action Urgent

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  • I-797E, Notice of Action Urgent


    I received my approved H1 last year with start date as Oct 1,2013. I started to work and in December 2013, USCIS officer came to visit office and I was not there as I was working from home(different city). My employer filed updated LCA(with work location as my home) immediately and USCIS officer called me and all went fine. Now two weeks ago I got I797E- Notice of Action:Intent to Revoke petition and given me a month notice for the employer to submit additional documents. Under these circumstances, what should I do?
    1) What is the chance of my H1 being revoked?
    2) If revoked, what what would be the effective date of revoke date? do they give notice stating that after 30 days H1 would be revoked?
    3) Can I do H1 transfer? If yes, till when I can do it and do I need to tell my new employer of this condition?
    4) Normally how long does the USCIS office take their time to decide after we submit the documents/evidence?
    5) Do they(California USCIS) ever accept evidences?
    6) What are the consequences should I do when my H1 is revoked?
    7) Is it worth spending time/money on attorney?
    please help me as I am not sure what do I do-urgent.

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    Can anyone please update/help me?


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      Originally posted by zzrohit View Post

      Can anyone please update/help me?
      Can anyone help me?