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Can I travel to India 4 months before my H1B expires?

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  • Can I travel to India 4 months before my H1B expires?

    My H-1B visa (as stamped on the passport as well as the original H-1B approval notice I-797) will be expiring on September 2014. I am planning to visit India for 10 day or 2 weeks in May 2014. Also, I recently visited India in January for 6 weeks (14th January to 23rd February).

    I have below list of questions:

    1. I wanted to know whether it is safe to travel 4 months before my H-1B expires.
    2. I wanted to know that whether it will create problem to get H4 visa in june of my dependent?
    3. Will it be safer whicle coming back at US port of entry for both of us?
    4. When should start my extension process so it will not create problem to get my dependent?
    5. I also wanted to know whether there is a minimum valid time required for re-entry before the H-1B visa expires.

    What are the extra precautions I should take (like a client letter or something)? Should I avoid my traveling?

    Appreciated your help!