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H1 For-Profit Issue

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  • H1 For-Profit Issue

    Hello Forum Members,

    I am in a fix about one recent law implementation in regard to Master's Exemption Cap and H1B Regular cap. Let me first give my educational background.

    I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a non-US accredited university.
    I did my MBA from a US For-profit accredited college.
    I will file for H1B during FY2016 i.e. next year.

    My question is, I know I can't file for Master's Exemption cap since I have my MBA from a for-profit college, but can I at least use the degree to show I have knowledge about that subject-matter and how it relates to my H1B job? Or, I have to use my Bachelor's degree and get a job in a field related to that. A clarification would be much appreciated. P.S. I expect to get 9-10 months of experience in the field where I will file for H1B next year.

    N.B. The H1B job will be that of a BA/QA.

    Thanks in advance.