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  • visa stamped successfully

    Hey Guys

    Thanks for lot of information and help, specially quick replies from "VEENA"

    I am Indian passport holder, same with my wife and kid and working in some another country B.

    I went for stamping in country B. even though i was lil scared that they can send me back to India for stamping. But i already sent a mail to USA embassy in country B and they replied me that i can go for stamping here, no issue.

    VO asked me only one question, how long you are working with YYYY (my current company).
    me: 2 years
    she started checking and giving back all my papers (everything was original, i dint use photocopy for anything) and she told me that i should keep original approval letter safely as it will be used later on if i want to extend the visa.

    VO asked me again how long you are working with YYYY (my current company).
    me: 2 years

    She returned all my documents and said pay 50 USD for each person extra as per the agreement between Indian and USA government.

    I got my passport with visa stamping in next to next day of interview at my home in country B.

    Note: YYYY is the biggest company of country B and having turnover around Billion 100 USD per year, and i am going to some other YYY company in USA.

    cheers !!!

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    info abt papers redq for H1b stamping

    Could you let me know what are the documents reqd from the company as well as personally to get the visa stamped. I am going to india for the first time after getting h-1. ?


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      Going to India first time after H1-transfer...do I need new stamping???

      Can someone please confirm that its okay to travel, to India and back, with original stamping of H1 (which is Valid for next 8-9months), even though I've changed job and now have a new H1 from another company (not stamped.).