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Best strategy for long vacation while on H1b ?

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  • Best strategy for long vacation while on H1b ?


    Some questions regarding H1b transfer and taking vacation between Jobs. I have searched the web alot and am getting mixed answers. Kindly answer if convenient.

    On a general note, this is my question:
    What is the best strategy to take a long vacation to India between jobs on H1B?
    1. Should I look for a company B offer, get one and then apply for H1b transfer, Get receipt and then resign and leave for vacation ? Considering that Company B gives me an extended joining date ? or
    2. Take interviews, take vacation from Company A, leave to India. If get offer while in India, initiate h1b transfer from there, on receipt, resign from Company A, and then join Company B on arrival ?

    These are the specific questions:

    1. I am on H1b with employer A now. I am planning to go to india for 1 month. If i get a job offer from employer B, can they initiate for my h1b transfer while I am in india ?
    2. If not, what are my options to join company B immediately after coming back ?

    Really appreciate this website and the help offered.

    Thanks a bunch.