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OPT and H1-B

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  • OPT and H1-B


    My friend is working for company ABC on OPT and got the H1-B approval this year which will be in effective from Oct 1st. He started working for company ABC in January. Now his employer has put him under probation of 3 months and told him that his offer will be reviewed after 3 months. He has started looking for jobs now. What are the options left for my friend:

    1. If he gets an offer from company XYZ within 3 months, can he get his H1-B transferred to the second company and meanwhile start working for company XYZ under OPT?
    2. Can the company ABC revoke his H1-B? Will that put him out of visa status?
    3. Any other way so he can keep looking for a job in case he gets laid off from company ABC and still maintain his visa status?

    Really appreciate the help.