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6th year extension of H1 and Multiple H1B applications & I94

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  • 6th year extension of H1 and Multiple H1B applications & I94

    Hello ,

    I am an Indian professional in 6th Year of H1B. Have always been in Cap Exempt h1b so far. I have an I-140 approved by Employer A petition from Sept. 2013. (This I-140 is not going to be withdrawn.) H1b stamp on passport and the now online I94 date is Oct. 2014 - also the end of 6 years is in Oct. 2014.

    Situation is now: I am leaving Employer A in May 31st, 2014.

    Employer B has filed an 3 year extension of H1b application cap exempt, Premium processing for me on May 12th 2014, Received date. My work start date with Employer B is June 1, 2014. This petition has RFE under response from us with my training documents and qualification documents submitted to them as requested. Employer B is also going to file for Green Card as soon H1 is approved.

    Employer C has filed an H1b Cap subject petition for me on April 1,2014. We have the receipt dated April 23rd, 2014 ! Its Regular processing. The online status of application is in Initial Review. This petition is also Extension of H1 petition, for Full time work to begin from Oct 1st, 2014.

    Question is:
    1) Is there any problem in future for me with this scenario?

    2) Goal is to mainly work full time with company B from now on i.e. June 1st, 2014 and work only part time with Company C from Oct. 1st 2014 only. If company C has filed it as Full time , and now we are aiming for only part time work, when shall we get the H1b corrected , after Company C - h1b approval ? or send an amendment now (- case status is in initial review for Company c petition)

    3) When I say go to India in say Dec. 2014: which h1b I get stamped in passport? Only the full time work one? What problems one may have at Indian consulate when working in US on 1 full time and 1 part time H1b?

    Thanks so much in advance !!!
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    Seniors on forum , any inputs will be appreciated. thanks in anticipation.