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appointment dates for H4 - Chennai

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  • appointment dates for H4 - Chennai

    i am just trying to book h4 appointment for my family at chennai consulate in telugu language and its always showing 'dates are not availalble'. any idea when the dates are available? From past one month its the same status.
    For english language its showing Feb last week as of now..almost 4 months of wait time.
    Things are not much better comparing to TTS.
    Also you have to pay the visa appln in advance before taking the appointment itself which is non-refundable and non-transferable. But the wait time growing enormously..4-5 months..which is ridiculous.
    There can lot of changes happen in between..what if the applicant is not interested in travelling to US after booking the appointment..may be bocz of professional reason or personal reason. like cancellation of business meetings, change in the projects..anything can happen in 4-5 months..and you will be losing your visa fee for nothing. what if its for entire family like 3 members..u will be losing almost 15K.
    consulate need to seriously think abt this..

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    Everyone is looking at the same website for appointments. And therefore all public has access to same information about the dates that you have.

    I can understand your pain, but unfortunately, that is the reality.
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