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F1 --> CPT --> Grace Period (?) --> H1B

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  • F1 --> CPT --> Grace Period (?) --> H1B


    I am currently on F1 visa status residing in US and have been working on full time CPT. My H1-B petition was approved in April this year (2014) effective October 1st 2014. Unfortunately my F-1 I-20/CPT expires in July 2014. I checked with my university about the possibility of extending my F1 visa and CPT until October but they have declined this. They have also declined the possibility of issuing OPT.

    My question is: Is there a "grace period" that is applicable from July - October 2014 that allows me to work legally in the US? I plan to travel to my home country for visa stamping in September, so I want to make sure I'm not in violation of any laws by continuing employment without a valid work visa. What are my options?

    Many Thanks!